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In the heart of the Appalachian Corridor and part of the Sutton Mountain range, this charming Eastern Townships municipality contains the largest private conservation area in Quebec. Very environmentally aware, Sutton offers a lifestyle that respects the region’s ecology from a sustainable development perspective. The community can also boast the highest amount of artists in Quebec in proportion to its population. Perhaps you’ve already heard that in Sutton you can get the best hot chocolate in Quebec? Sutton is THE gourmet destination in the Eastern Townships. It’s simply overflowing with unique shops and boutiques.

As you continue your visit you’ll discover many other wonderful reasons to move to this corner of paradise where, by the way, there are so few mosquitoes they’re not even worth mentioning!


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Situated in the heart of a charming countryside where green hills and meadows abound, the Domaine Schweizer offers a haven of tranquility away from the worries of the city while maintaining several of its advantages.

You'll have access to impressive panoramic views that vary with the seasons, on a site that is unmatched for its outdoor activities. A large part of the Domaine is an area of 77 protected acres that include marked hiking trails.

Unique to the area, the Domaine Schweizer offers its residents exceptional commodities and services that will simplify your life and bring you peace of mind.

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Like our former project, "Montagnes Vertes: Domaine Old Notch" -- recognized by the Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire for its innovative use of land -- our current project, "Montagnes Vertes: Domaine Schweizer" stands apart by placing residential areas adjacent to protected ones.

Domaine Schweizer includes 21 private properties in a collective ownership consisting of 77 acres (3.3 million square feet). Land is available both in forested areas and near meadows. Some are on plateaus while others offer more mountainous surroundings. Several have incomparable views of the Sutton Valley.

The available land and services of the domain are unique in the region. Moreover, as our previous projects have shown, Sutton is synonymous with growth!


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