The Domaine Schweizer
An investment you'll appreciate!

When you acquire land at the Domaine Schweizer not only are you investing in nature, you're making a wise financial investment as well. Buying land at the Domaine Schweizer is investing in a unique project and in the property of your dreams.

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A Green Domain
Some exceptional views
Peace of mind!
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10 000

107 639


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13 782

148 348



10 000

107 639



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53 820


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Domaine Schweizer: Lands

A Green Domain

The Montagnes vertes: Domaine Schweizer project covers an area of approximately 140 acres, which equates to 57 hectares or 6,000,000 square feet. 55% of the territory will be shared and preserved in its natural state for the benefit of all occupants. Additionally, approximately 15% of this area is reserved for the Auberge Schweizer. This means only 2.5% of the land will be used for infrastructure and about 40 acres will be available for private sites. In total, once completed, 80% of the overall property will be left in its natural state.

Montagne vertes : Domaine Old Notch has been recognized for the daring way in which it has organized territory in order to protect vast natural areas. The Domaine Schweizer will also become a beacon of conservation. The domain’s protected zone consists of the largest private area in Quebec dedicated to this goal. The property is adjacent to one of the largest wild natural reserves in Southern Quebec.

And this green zone will become your relaxation area…Paths are groomed and marked for hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. These same paths lead to Mohawk Lake and to the top of the mountain.

Some exceptional views

The meadow’s orientation to the West ensures beautiful sunsets and spectacular views of the Sutton Valley and surrounding mountains, including Mount Pinnacle. Moreover, individual properties offer a diversity of topography. Whether you’d like to build a house in a meadow, a sugar bush or in a mountain forest, it’s all possible here. There are also lovely ponds in which you can swim and cool off in the summer.

The Schweizer Farm will once again have horses. Imagine taking a walk at sunset to watch these magnificent animals, or going for a gallop on your horse through the fields. Anything is possible at the Domaine Schweizer.

Peace of mind!

The Domaine Schweizer offers unique concierge services that will make your life easier and ensure your peace of mind. The Auberge Schweizer, located at the entrance area, has a welcoming presence that is both reliable and reassuring.

Additionally, the Auberge offers a variety of its own separate concierge services. Imagine arriving home in the winter to find that not only has the snow been removed from the drive to your home, but a fire has also been lit in your fireplace creating a ready-made, cozy atmosphere.

Whether you need a cord of wood, help with property maintenance or simply reassurance that someone is there in case of emergency, the Auberge staff is at your disposal. We will do everything within our power to ensure you make the most of your Domaine Schweizer property.

The ongoing presence of the Auberge has other possibilities as well. For example, your guests are welcome to stay there and enjoy all of the services of the Auberge, while remaining within walking distance of your home. The Auberge also offers workshops and activities. Whether you're looking for a paint workshop, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, it can all be found here.

Map of available lots

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Map of available lots

Overall Project Dimension

140 acres

Conservation Zone




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